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Company Overview

The Health Care Coalition (HCC) of Lafayette County, dba Health Care Collaborative of Rural Missouri is a Missouri-based rural health network and a Federally Qualified Health Center located in Waverly, Missouri and is the umbrella organization for the Live Well Community Health Centers located in Lafayette, Carroll and Eastern Jackson County. HCC is a mature Rural Health Network, formed in 2004, formally incorporated in 2006, and under the direction of the same leadership since 2007. 
The HCC has a mission to “Cultivate partnerships and deliver quality health care to strengthen rural communities”. The HCC is a rural health network, committed to improving the health status of underserved populations in its service area. The HCC was formally established in 2006, following a three-year period of the Network partners informally working together to address area health care needs, specifically to ensure that the health care needs of all citizens in our service area are met, particularly the needs of the under- and uninsured. The focus is to develop and implement programs that are responsive to documented health needs of county residents, with specific health status indicators as benchmarks for progress on addressing those needs. Since its inception, the HCC has developed into a comprehensive rural health network, with a wide variety of health, social services and community partners that provide health and wellness prevention and treatment programs for all citizens in our service area, and focused on the health care needs of low-income, under- and uninsured residents. The HCC’s strength lies in developing collaborative relationships, utilizing the strengths of individual organizations to develop programs and services that are larger than any one organization.
We are a certified Primary Care Health Home provider by DHSS, and provide a range of primary care services through this initiative that is targeted to reduce state Medicaid costs. This model, which integrates primary care, behavioral health and dental services has been implemented within the Live Well Community Health Centers. The Health Home model provides an alternative approach to the delivery of care and includes care management and coordination, health promotion, transitional care, patient and family support, referral to community and support services and the use of health information technology to link services. Further, the Live Well Community Health Centers have achieved Level III Patient Centered Medical Home recognition under NCQA.