HCC News Clips

340B Program Ad ( Concordian Vol 123 Number 3)

HCC Expands (Lexington Vol 53 Number 36)

Mental Health Cordinator provides quartly report

Reach Foundation meets with lawmakers at Live Well clinic (Concordian, Wednesday July 29, 2015)

Kiss the Pig

HCC expands staff, board of directors (Lexington Vol 53 Number 35)

Concordia Clinic Welcomes New Health Provider

Homeless Count Results Announced (Lexington Vol 53 Number 11)

Marketplace Enrollment Double in Region from Last Year, Deadline Coming Soon

Live Well Community Health Centers Ad (Concordia Volume 122 Number 21)

December 2014 Holiday Ad

Affordable Care Act signups enter new year more smoothly

McFadden is November Community Hero (Santa Fe)

Kiss the Pig Entrants Set To Pucker Up

Corporon Earns Healthy Lafayette Award (Lexington)

Community Health Foundation Gala (Lexington)

Come Meet Our New Dentist Ad

HCC Appoints Merrick as Manager of Social Services and Equity

Live Well Community Health Center of Waverly & Concordia Ad (accessHealth)

During Visit to Warrensburg Chamber, Gov. Nixon Discusses Plan to Protect

Inspired to Serve: Buckner Native & RN Helps the Underserved

Surprise & Champion

Live Healthy Live Well Day Honored Residents, Professionals

Event Fosters Empathy for Those Living on Low-Income

Women's Health Forum Scheduled March 21 in Concordia

Commissioners Approve Purchases, Hear Report

Analysis: MO. Medicaid Debate

Live Healthy Live Well Blender Bike Promotes Healthy Snack Alternative

Cold Storage Units Donated to Pantry

Assembly of God Receives Cooler

HCC of Rural Missouri picks up Concordia, Waverly Clinics

Linda Bunten to Speak March 21 at Health Forum for Women

Health Forum for Women to Focus on Heart Health

Questions, Asked, Answered at Free Clinic Open Forum

Health Forum for Woman to Focus on Heart Health

McFadden Has No Plans For Retirement

Heart Health Forum Draws Crowd

Live Well Community Health Centers

Lichte Honored

Concordia Live Well Center Holds Grand Opening

Live Well Clinic Appoints Reid Medical Director

Health Forum for Women Planned March 20

Live Healthy Live Well Day

Fitness Group Forming at Community Center

Boland Speaks on Heart Health at Senior Center

Live Health Live Well Day Planned


HCC Receives FGHC Designation

Live Health Live Well Fitness Group Forming at Commnity Center

Live Well Centers ad (Higginsville 4.23) (Sweet Springs 4.9) (Lexington 4.4, 4.8)

Local Program Impacts Healther Lives (Higginsville 3.26)

Concordia Clinic ad (Sweet Springs 3.5, 3.19 and Higginsville 3.5, 3.12)

Retirement not in future plans for McFadden (Higginsville 2.19)

McFadden has no plans for retirement (Lexington 2.19)

Well woman exam (Sweet Springs 2.5)

Pap tests best defense against cervical cancer (Lexington 2.5 and 2.12)

It's time for your well woman exam (Concordia 1.22)

HCC hires Wallace as Director of Operations (Lexington 1.8)

Community Resource Database launched (Lexington 1.1)


Live Well Clinic Dental Services (accessHealth)

Well Woman Services (accessHealth)

Marketplace Outreach and Enrollment (accessHealth)

ACA Marketplace advertisement (accessHealth)

Live Well Clinic Opens (accessHealth)

Live Healthy Live Well Walkability Survey (accessHealth)

Live Healthy Live Well Winter Health Tips (accessHealth)

Live Healthy Live Well Pledge (accessHealth)

Live Like Your Life Depends On It Worskshop (accessHealth)

TODD advertisement (accessHealth)

Telehealth Treatment Program advertisement (accessHealth)

HCC launches community resource database, creates bilingual Web site (Lexington 12.13)

HCC launches bilingual website (Higginsville 12.13)

Live Healthy Live Well Day honored residents, professionals (Lexington 12.11)

2nd Annual Live Healthy Live Well Day honored residents, professionals in Lafayette County (Higginsville 12.11)

HCC receives FGHC designation for Waverly and Concordia Clinics (Higginsville 11.27)

HCC receives FGHC designation (Lexington 11.27)

Live Well Clinic Appoints Reid Medical Director (Lexington 11.22)

Clinic Hires New Medical Director (Higginsville 11.27)

'Live Healthy Live Well Day' slated (Lexington 11.22)

Lafayette County 'Live Healthy Live Well Day' is December 3 (Higginsville 11.22)

Help with Healthcare Signup (Richmond 11.4)

Toniann Richard, Guest Speaker at Higginsville Rotary Club (Higginsville 10.30)

HCC Repositions efforts for Marketplace outreach and enrollment (Higginsville)

HCC continues efforts for ACA outreach (The Santa Fe Times 11.8)

‘Obamacare’ signups, assistance continue despite online problems (Richmond 11.7)

HCC Repositions Efforts (Lexington)

Marsha Corbin receives Healthy Lafayette Award

Dental Services Coming soon at Live Well Community Health Center-Waverly (Santa Fe Times 10.4, 10.11, 10.18, and 10.25)

HCC Kicks-off ACA Marketplace Enrollment Assistance in West Central Mo.
(Higginsville 10.16.13)

HCC kicks off assistance for ACA Marketplace Enrollment (Lexington 10.16.)

Non-profit agency here Oct. 29 to help Ray Countians enroll in health insurance plans (Richmond 10.10)

ACA Enrollment Assistance (Santa Fe Times 10.4 and Sweet Springs Herald 10.16 and 10.23)

HCC Marketplace Outreach and Training (Sedalia Democrat 9.25 and 9.27)

Higginsville Fitness Guide Starts a MOVEment (Higginsville 9.20)

Access to Primary Care Program (Focus on Oak Grove 9.19 and 9.26)

Access to Primary Care Program (Odessan 9.19 and 9.26)

HCC Opens Dental Clinic in Waverly (Lexington 9.18)

HCC thanks Samuel Rogers Health Center for Dental Donation ( Lexingon 9.18)

HCC Marketplace Outreach and Training (Lafayette County Shopper 9.17)

HCC Marketplace Outreach and Training (Lexington 9.11 and 9.13)

HCC of Rural Missouri holding outreach, education workshops (Lexington 8.21)

Grandview Garden Helps Studenst See the Classroom Through a New Lens (Higginsville 7.13)

Initiative Launching Program to Promote Health (Lexington 7.19)

The Blueprint for a Walkable Community (Higginsville 4.17)

HCC Assuming Ownership of Clinics (Lexington 6.5)

Farmers' Market EBT Program Bring Fresh Food to Low-income Families in Lexington (Lexington 5.31.13)

Students Fight Stress, Obesity With Yoga and Brain Gym (Lexington 5.17.13)

HCC to Assume Ownership of Concordia, Waverly Clinics (Lexington 5.1.2013)

Cold Storage Units Donated to Pantry (Lexington 4.12.13)

Live Healthy Live Well Blender Bike Promotes Health Snack Alternative (Lexington 4.10.13)

Live Healthy Live Well Set to Launch Start! Walking Program (Lexington 2.20.13)

HCC of Rural Missouri Hires Medical Director (Lexington 2.20.13)

Health Care Collaborative to Operate Clinics in Concordia and Waverly (Lexington 1.23.13)


HCC Seeks to Expand Awareness About Tobacco-Related Issues (Lexington 9.17.12)

Join The Great American Smokeout (Lexington 9.17.12)

Connectivity Masterplan Aims to Improve Citizens' Health Access (Lexington 7.18.12)

RHI Calls on City Stakeholders (Lexington News 6.6.12)

EHR a Win Win for Fitzgibbon (The Brunswicker 5.30.12)

HCC Provides Equipment to Hospital to Help Meet Gov. Mandate (Marshall 5.22.12)

Pathways' Telehealth Program Improves Patient Care and Access (Higginsville 5.22.12)

HCC, LRHC Present EHR Lunch & Learn (Lexington News 5.14.12)

I-70 Hospital Positions for EHRs (Concordian 5.14.12)

I-70 Positions for EHRs (Sante Fe Times 5.14.12) Page Two

Richard Receives National Award (Oak Grove 5.14.12)

Richard Receives National Award (Higginsville 5.14.12)

Richard Receives National Award (Lexington 5.14.12)

HCC Expands Awareness About Tobacco Releated Issues (4.4.12)

HCC Appoints Corporon as Community Manager (Lexington 4.4.12)

Grant to Address Rural Health Care (Lexington 3-2012)

HCC Appoints Coram as HIT Manager (Lexington 3-2012)

HCC Awarded $900,000 to Suport HIT (Lexington 3-2012)

HCC Received Telemedicine Grant ( Lexington 3-2012)

Grant to Address Rural Health Care (Lexington 3-2012)

Join the Great American Smoke-out (Higginsville 3-2012)

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