About Our Network

A Rural Health Network Like No Other
After more than a decade and nearly 50 new employees later, it’s safe to say that the Lexington, MO-based HCC Network is a major player in Lafayette County and in rural health care in this region. The rural health network emerged from an obscure two-person nonprofit organization to the only organization in the nation to have not one but four Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). These Community Health Centers serve Buckner, Carrollton, Concordia, Waverly and surrounding areas, and provide dental, behavioral health primary care and social support services.

The nucleus of the organization is really the leadership and board of directors in terms of mission, vision, values and economic impact. According to a 2014 Economic Impact study conducted by Capital Link, HCC created 39 jobs, served over 8,200 patients (with only two FQHCs at the time), saving the state of Missouri over $3 million in health care costs – and impacted Lafayette County’s economy to the tune of $4,849,863.

Health Care Delivery
The second layer of HCC is the economic engine that’s fueled by the FQHCs. The Community Health Centers enables HCC to expand health care delivery services and outreach coordination so that we are able to serve the sickest of the sick and poorest of the poor.

Community Collaboration for Social Support and Network Programming
Circling the health centers is the third layer which consists of the Network. They are the people who come in and refer into the FQHCs. They provide wrap-around care and become experts in certain aspects of services. There is also a social element of HCC that is inclusive in nature. This model is based on the social needs of the communities to operate as an informed Network that understands that pulse of the community and is able to provide responsive services and programs in a relevant manner.

Become a Member

HCC Network and its Community Health Centers are about developing rural communities. This could be anything from helping with job placement, professional development, providing life skills training to help people move out of poverty, caring for the needs of the homeless as well as many other social support services. To find out how to become a member, explore the links to the left or call Suzanne Smith at 660.229.5293.