Suzanne Gladney

General Member

Suzanne Gladney founded and supervises the Migrant Farmworkers Assistance Fund (MFAF), serving migrant farmworkers who pick fruit and vegetable crops in Missouri. She held the position of Managing Attorney for Legal Aid of Western Missouri (West office) for more than 36 years. She specializes in immigration law and advises community agencies serving immigrants. She is a frequent speaker on immigration and migrant farmworker issues and is active in a number of community, cultural and social justice organizations.

Our community-based programs include case management, counseling and assessment, health education, transportation, translation services, enrollment assistance, health and social care advocacy initiatives, access to primary care, and health IT.

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After more than a decade and nearly 50 new employees later, it’s safe to say that the Lexington, MO-based HCC Network is a major player in Lafayette County and in rural health care in this region.

The focus of HCC is to develop and implement programs that are responsive to documented health needs of county residents, with specific health status indicators as benchmarks of progress.

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