ER Diversion

Diverting Care from the ER

HCC Network and its clinics work with the local emergency departments to assist patients who frequently use the ER for primary care issues like diabetes, tooth pain, anxiety, hypertension, etc., with finding a primary care doctor.

Connecting Patients with Resources to Live Well

Patients who don’t have insurance are connected with area primary care doctors who provide sliding fee scale payment options. Additionally, patients are connected with individuals who provide Medicaid enrollment assistance (and assistance with other forms of  insurance). If the patient has Medicaid, they are educated on the appropriate times to use the emergency department, given a list of locations that accept Medicaid, as well as instructions on how to contact the HCC Network clinics after hours answering service prior to utilizing the emergency department.

We know that patients who are managed in a primary care setting, where goals are established and a care plan is utilized, tend to have better outcomes and realize a significant savings in health care costs.